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Water issues in Palestine Time IS the view that the threat no longer premature - Bagudadi also a suspect death By extremist organization [Islamic State] that (IS) supreme leader of the Abu Bakr bug Daddy suspects were killed by suicide bombers in the raid operations of the US military, the transition to extremism movement from the organization which aims to establish [national] It expected to a motion to accelerate progressing in the iS that. Along with this, IS was the most feared terrorist organization in the world is considered to be a threat of more conventional type. IS lost the majority of the controlled areas of Iraq and Syria by the military operations of the US-led over several years, a number of combatants were detained. For this reason, Bagudadi suspect had weakened already centripetal force prior to death. Indeed, the Islamic countries under the Bagudadi suspect keeps the appearance of the command center, but is seen as difficult to find a successor of the same suspect who had claimed to have bestowed the rule of rights from God, but still the same suspect it is too early to think about by the death and is no longer the threat of armed of iS.

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