Water issues in Palestine


Round of Middle East war

Water issues in Palestine Round of Middle East war The Middle East and is a way referred to as seen from Europe such as the United Kingdom. United Kingdom in the globe, looking at the east from there There to the east of the outside (= Far East) is Japan. With a focus on the Palestinian areas, the Far East Japan and Europe Because there in the middle, called the Middle East. The reason for the Middle East problem has become complex's different but, in particular, the responsibility of the United Kingdom is large. Originally, Judaism also Islam is also a religion to believe in the same God. It is, of powers from the time of the First World War The mercy of speculation (mercy), increased the hatred each other. [Because religion is different] Do not always those in conflict There there is a place. In the Middle East, made in Israel and the news often Palestinian conflict. However, I Yes ethnic groups that Palestinians There. Palestine In general, the area of ‚Äč‚Äčover the Mediterranean Sea from the Jordan River, the West Bank through the Jordanian and Israeli borders And referred to, that of the Arabs living in the Palestine of Palestinians.

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