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Iran nuclear development suspicions issues and the Middle ...

Water issues in Palestine Iran nuclear development suspicions issues and the Middle East toward China Tour of the Iran nuclear program suspected problem, oil-producing countries, are intense bargaining has been waged between oil consuming countries. In was held in the month and day OPEC meeting, it was decided to defer the target production quotas by member countries ten million remains of barrels / day. However, in the process leading to this decision, it was seen conflict of violent opinion between Saudi and Iran. In other words, Saudi, in order to cooperate with Iranian oil embargo by Western expand production frame, while wishing to increase the alternative to oil production Homeland Iranian oil, Iran, as well as stop it , in order to increase the crude oil price, it had hoped to reduce the production quotas. After all, it had subsided to a form of compromise, embargo stemming from Iranian crude oil to Iran nuclear development suspicions problem, other in many ways, the future, the international oil market, further affects the entire international political economy otherwise it.

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