Water issues in Palestine


The situation in the Middle East as seen from the United States -

Water issues in Palestine The situation in the Middle East as seen from the United States In the Middle East Africa Regional Committee, lead to Fairbanks Managing Director line (US Middle East peace correspondents ambassador of the Reagan administration) which is a think tank on the United States of international issues CSIS (International Institute for Strategic Studies), in the heart of the Middle East situation as seen from the United States description listens to, had a meeting. The following is a speech summary of Fairbanks, Managing Director and Kodesuman CSIS senior fellow. Fairbanks Managing Director remarks Summary In the Middle East problem, geopolitical characteristics has great significance. Middle East is in a strategic location between Europe and Asia Africa, also supplies a more minute of oil consumption in the world. On the other hand, border has been artificially drawn, each country is diverse in ethnic and convoluted are interests between countries. Once the United States, it had been laid and Sadat former Egyptian President, Iran's Pahlavi former king to this pillar of Middle East dialogue.

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