Water issues in Palestine


Jordan country circumstances

Water issues in Palestine Jordan country circumstances Jordan Overview Jordan's official name in the Jordan Hashemite Kingdom, the Hashemites is the Islam of the founder Muhammad's descendants to the royal family, is the nation's constitutional monarchy. This area was part of the long Ottoman Empire, placed under the British Mandate as a trans-Jordan kingdom after the second World War, played an independence a year after the first World War. Jordan has a population of about 00,000 people (0 years the World Bank), the area is almost the same size as the Hokkaido. The north, south, east and west Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel, but it is surrounded by regional powers and the parties to the dispute regions such as Palestine, security of Jordan country is stable, in peace and stability in the Middle East, Jordan is important It plays a role. Jordan is not blessed with natural resources, other than tourism, also there is almost no industry that can earn foreign currency. However, Jordan government accepts Palestinians fleeing from war and civil war in the surrounding region, Iraqi, and Syrian majority, treated in the same way as Jordan national, offers public services such as education and health care .

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